Sonics are gone, Mariners are out of it, we NEED the Seahawks & Huskies to come through, will it happen?

July 04, 2008

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Sonics are gone, Mariners are out of it, we NEED the Seahawks & Huskies to come through, will it happen?

This is my first post so I just want to get this out there.  See what people think the over/under on Seahawk wins will be this year and the Huskies as well.  I am excited about both teams and in analyzing both schedules as you can see below.  I have put wins and losses primarily based on whether we would be favored if the game was played today as well as my own opinion, would love to hear what people think, which games they think I will be wrong on.  I was surprised to see I have them going 12-4 and feel I was relatively unbiased.  If someone knows of a site that has lines on every game of the year already(if that is even possible) I would bet they would be at or close to 12 wins simply using that barometer.  I will do the same prediction list as below for the Huskies on a seperate post.

  at Buffalo 1:00 pm  - Win
  San Francisco 4:05 pm  - Win
  St. Louis 4:05 pm  - Win
  at NY Giants 1:00 pm  - Loss
  Green Bay 4:15 pm  - Win
  at Tampa Bay 8:15 pm  - Win
  at San Francisco 4:15 pm  - Win
  Philadelphia 4:15 pm  - Win
  at Miami 1:00 pm  - Win
  Arizona 4:05 pm  - Win
  Washington 4:15 pm  - Win
  at Dallas 4:15 pm  - Loss
  New England 8:15 pm  - Loss
  at Arizona 1:00 pm  - Loss

 1:15 pm  - Win







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  1. I did the same study of the Hawks schedule. I have them going 10-6 (losses to NYG, TB, ARZ, DAL, NE, and STL). Id like to think that the Hawks can beat Arizona and St Louis, but the Hawks seem to blow games against divisional opponents every year.

    Z.V. SandersZ.V. Sanders on Monday, 07 July 2008, 09:24 PDT # |

  2. Zach, the Hawks are going to beat Tampa and STL both times.  THey are at least an 11 win team , if not 12 or 13

    Travis BuffTravis Buff on Saturday, 19 July 2008, 01:26 PDT # |

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